Wednesday, March 12, 2008

1967 Sprint GT Veloce

1967 SprintGT Veloce. I painted it silver, and the only modifications are a 2000cc enginef or the 1600 it came out with plus L S D out of a later 2000 coupe.

1973 Alfa Giulia GTV 2000 coupe

1973 Alfa Giulia GTV 2000 coupe. The car is Piper Yellow in colour. The car is in excellent (though not concours) condition. The car has no major modifications and can be described in broad terms as "original" (the engine, gearbox, paint and interior are all original and have never been reconditioned).

The following is a brief history. The car was originally delivered to Mr B W Lonsdale of Canberra, ACT on 5 November 1973. Subsequent owners were Dr Michael Callam of Brisbane, Queensland from 23 October 1996, Mark Baigent of Brisbane from September (?) 1997 and Mark Mitchel from 23 May 2000

1985 Alfa Romeo 33 Quattro

1985 Alfa Romeo 33 Quattro 4 wheel drive station wagon. Silver, 1500cc. Owned since new, and reconditioned at 300,000km in 2003 to take part in Great Endeavour Charity Rally to Lake Eyre. Since competed in two more Great Endeavours to Karumba and Birdsville, as well as being daily transport.

Modifications are larger wheels and high profile tyres, under-body protection, uprated springs and shock absorbers, mudflaps, dust light, second speedometer and UHF radio.

1982 Alfetta 2.0 Sportiva II sedan

1982 Alfetta 2.0 Sportiva II sedan.

It was completely stripped and handbuilt in 2001 at Avanti Spares with all components (bar engine) rebuilt or replaced with new parts.

Body shell was fitted with a welded in 26-point roll cage manufactured by Avanti, load tested and engineer certified.

New floor modifications to take two types of six point harnesses and race seats.

The engine is a standard two litre with standard carburetors. The camshafts are PACE 2229 items and the pistons are hi compression items. Headers are custom and so are the intake trumpets (built by Avanti). A rpm limiter device is fitted with shift light.

Radiator is a modified item and is triple core plus serpentine flowed. It has twin Davis Craig fans which can be manually operated from the dash. This set up is proven to be effective when rallying in Adelaide in low forty degree heat.

Suspension consists of uprated torsion bars in front and springs in the rear with emphasis on extended suspension travel.

Shock absorbers are Proflex remote canister items manufactured by Murray Coote.

Brakes are four pot calipers in front and standard in the rear, all four running race brake pads.

Differential is uprated 4.56 final drive and is limited slip with 50 percent lockup.

Gears are Autodelta copy close ratio and straight cut items with one to one ratio fifth gear.

Other assessories include;

a. Peltor on board intercom;
b. Fire extinguishers;
c. Belt cutters;
d. Windscreen hammer;
e. First aid kit;
f. Safety triangles;
g. Video camera with lipstick lens;
h. CamelBak drink backpacks.

Car is built to Limited Modified category and retains many of its standard fittings including all glass work.

Alfa 147 GTA

Alfetta GTV race car.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1969

Giulia Super.
Details: Owner Kathy Campbell, since 1973, second owner.
Giulia Super sedan. 1969 model, no modifications away from original, colour rosso, fully restored some years ago.

Alfasud ti Series 1, 1978

Alfasud ti series 1, 1978, one of the last ones made (there are only 85 chassis serial numbers after mine), greco rocco (bright orange), has a twin weber Sprint 105bhp engine instead of the tiny 1200 previously installed(gave up).

It has a wooden steering wheel (not standard), new interior trim, 105 mirrors I think, late model Sud door handles, side and wheel arch protector strips. It is nice for people to see that Alfa also made small cars. But they don't know what is under the bonnet. The ti only weighs around 880Kg.
Great power to weight with the 105 engine. My car is kept tuned up by Barnes Performance people, the only ones who would tune twin webers.

1987 Alfa 75

This is Bernard Mangelsdorf’s beautiful 1987 Alfa 75. It runs a 24 valve 3 litre V6 (transplanted from an Alfa 164), is street registered but is an absolute speed machine on the track.