Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Alfasud ti Series 1, 1978

Alfasud ti series 1, 1978, one of the last ones made (there are only 85 chassis serial numbers after mine), greco rocco (bright orange), has a twin weber Sprint 105bhp engine instead of the tiny 1200 previously installed(gave up).

It has a wooden steering wheel (not standard), new interior trim, 105 mirrors I think, late model Sud door handles, side and wheel arch protector strips. It is nice for people to see that Alfa also made small cars. But they don't know what is under the bonnet. The ti only weighs around 880Kg.
Great power to weight with the 105 engine. My car is kept tuned up by Barnes Performance people, the only ones who would tune twin webers.

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paul.cowley4 said...


From the text it would appear this is your car? If it is it brings back many memories for me here in the UK, I also had a 1978 Alfasud Ti 1200 in this colour. I absoloutely loved that old car and struggled to keep it on the road until the mid 90's. I also fitted a 1500 105bhp engine but kept the 1200 gearbox for better acceleration. I thought the colour was Coral Red but that could be my memory or perhaps it was the name of the colour in the UK. Can you do me a big favour and check the paint code number please, it should be on the inside of the boot lid. I have a alfasud based kit car I am rebuilding and I want to spray it in the colour of my old Sud. Thanks....